By Vernalee
good-manners=patcegan,wordpress,comWhatever happened to etiquettes and manners? Some of the simple acts of kindness and respect have escaped daily existence. Saying thank you, excuse me, you are welcome; greetings elders with a precedent respectful title of Mr., Mrs., Miss; Yes / No Ma’am, and Yes / No Sir are not common words anymore. Saying “you are welcome” generally follow the expression, “thank you.” So, if we fail to acknowledge acts of kindness by thanking people, how can the normal follow up response be made? Go figure! Growing up in the South, the absence of these simple acts of decorum and what I deem respectful manners seem almost uncivilized. I often wonder why these traditional “roll off the tongue” words are becoming extinct. Needless to say, let me not forget the clicker deal breaker of children calling parents by their first name(s). At my age, my Mother would knock me “into next week,” if I called her Phoebe instead of Momma. Maybe, a lick on the behind when we fail to show good manners may be the global answer and solution! Ouch!
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