By Vernalee
Thriving business; fantastic career; big house; new car; extravagant jewelry/clothes, lavish vacations …..all are sought after forms of materialism!
Sounds good! Oh yes! But what happens to your psyche when someone has more of them than you? Are you truly happy for them or are you secretly jealous? Do you really like to see people do good or do you resent it particularly when they are doing better than you? Before you answer … that thin line between you and them – is very telling. It adds more visible definition to you and speaks louder than you think!
Either your words, expressions, or body language will show happiness, delight, joy, regret, envy, or resentment …. when you observe others succeed. If you are envious or resentful, you will wallow in your own misery.
Look at you! You will soon be joined by other unhappy ones.
Misery loves company; does it not?
This comparative analysis to others is too time consuming when your time could be better spent elsewhere. Watch it! Stop! Don’t become trapped or too wrapped up in someone else’s glory and space; enjoy the splendor of your own. Stay focused on mapping your own path!
I’m sorry! It seems as if I detected a noticeable twinge of jealousy and abundant envy circulating in your space? Was that an accurate observation? If so, move on!
Jealousy is not a good utilization of your time; you end up spending more time on others – than on yourself! What a waste of time, energy, and possibly resources!
Get out of the equalization mode; move into a zone whereby you can realize/achieve your goals/greatness!
Work hard! You too can have your deserved portion of accomplishments, particularly now since you have more time devoted to you since the comparison game is now a thing of the past. Besides, what you see externally may not remotely reflect that person’s internal self.
Get busy!
Realign your priorities and thinking! Put your precious time to good use! The time that you spend looking at other folks’ stuff … could be better utilized … toward acquiring your own! Your destiny awaits you.
Stop trying to keep up with the Joneses! Don’t worry (about theirs); be happy (about yours)!
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