By Vernalee
Because they are stupid, you need not be. It takes minimum time and effort to develop a competency in the area of stupidity. Keep making stupid decisions and you will be there in no time. Years of stupidity will make you a master. It is not an attractive or desirable attribute; certainly not a characteristic worthy of aspiration. Beware. Practice makes perfect even when it is a “stupid perfect.” Paraphrasing what prolific writer and author Mark Twain professed, it is imperative to stay in your lane. When you place yourself on someone else’s level of stupidity, you can easily become defeated because they, not you, are masters of the stupid, underhanded games. They can “out stupid” you. It’s a mistake to imitate or follow the leader when he or she is a stupid one. When you cross the line, you are out of your league and in their sphere of stupid expertise. Stay within your comfort zone on an exceedingly high plateau so that your mind remains free… to grow, to excel, to prosper…to be you! Don’t follow prescribed paths if they don’t make sense. When in Rome, do as the Romans … but not if they are stupid Romans. No matter where you are – Stupid is as stupid does!
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