By Vernalee
My Daddy often told us, “If you do wrong, wrong will follow you!” “Bad associations spoil useful habits. Be in the midst of good people. Hire smart people and people smarter than you. Surround yourself with intelligent people.”
The advisory list of sayings stretches for miles.
As people, we are natural born copy cats. We learn from repetition. “Monkey see; monkey do.”
Being around good people may not necessarily produce good results, but following and imitating bad people will surely land you in harm’s way! So, surround yourself with goodness so that more of its substances can rub off on you!
Ironically, this is a practice that is not age sensitive. It is a process that we must follow all the days of our lives! Remember, older people who are unwholesome have had more years to practice and perfect their bad traits! Who is in our company may determine what we become and influence what we do … at any age! Knowing who people are – is the first step. Use your best judgment to decide who enters your world and who you permit to stay!