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By Vernalee

Hearts …old and young …
They beat continuously; their beats are synonymous to life itself.
Hearts, heart, hearts …
Certainly, they were not meant to be broken.
But it happens.
Day in; day out; 24/7, hearts are being rescued.
Often times the irregularities cause disarray; other times, actions from near or afar cause heartaches.
The ultimate damage occurs when there is a broken heart.
I am sure that many of you know what I’m talking about.
Let’s examine this with our emotional stethoscope.
A broken heart is not a heart attack, but to many, it feels that way.
How does one heal?
How does the healing occur?
Great questions.
I know not the answer.
Most folks don’t.
None of us are exempted.
It saddens the affected.
It may even spill over into other folks’ lives as they help the afflicted to cope.
It makes one as the old folks say feel ” some kind of way.”
It can be devastating as it puts its victims in an occasional or frequent turmoil state of mind.
By definition, the term – a broken heart – is a metaphor that describes intense emotional and sometimes physical pain.
That same metaphor seduces reality on many levels.
Let’s see there is anger, uncontrolled outbreaks, crying, fits of rage, abusiveness, and others.
Some of the conditions enable or produce alcoholism, obesity, worry, and other mental/physical maladies as the intensity is contained to make its external appearance.
How does one come out?
What does one do?
Finding peace of mind is certainly a remedy that is on the journey to healing.
The footsteps of panacea are not easy depending upon the circumstances that it took to get to that threshold. A myriad of emotions may accompany the process; often times outside of one’s sphere of control.
Putting the pieces back together is not as simple as joining the pieces of a crossword puzzle.
Here’s the great thing; here comes the miracle.
The fragmented pieces can be reassembled.
Completeness can once again be achieved … one day at a time.
So I say to my broken hearted followers, do know that just as Scarlett O’Hara said on “Gone with the wind”, “Tomorrow is another day” – the sun will rise in the east and set in the west; a baby will be slapped upon its behind and cry out sounds of life; a prayer will be answered; and “this too will pass.”
Photo Credit: tiny Buddha

PostHeaderIcon What if…

By Vernalee
heart by Sweet Crisis
What if you could lock / unlock your heart? For sure, you could aggressively stand guard over your emotions. The protection from heartbreak would be unbelievably controllable. Intruders could not enter. Permission for entry would be at your fingertips as you hold the keys. With so much power in your hands, you would never have a broken heart! Realistically, we are in control of our hearts. We just don’t always have the heart to keep certain people and unwholesomeness out!

Photo reprint:; courtesy of Sweet Crisis.

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