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By Vernalee
I have heard it more than once; hundreds of times to be exact.
“Women raise their daughters and love their sons.”
Purportedly, there are statistics that are used to add credence particularly as it relates to Black Mothers.
Let’s take s look.
Mothers are nurturing.
We are taught to love, guide, and protect our little ones.
As I am a Mother of two adult children – a son and a daughter,
I must say that I value my role and am honored to be the Mother of two wonderful, loving, adorable kids. Am I boasting?
Of course, I am!
Anyway, I feel that I reared and love them the same.
Of course, that is my opinion; I’m judging myself. Right?
I disciplined them equally; rewarded them similarly; showered them with mountainous love and affection. Both were taught to love the Lord, respect authority/people, honor their elders, be caring, and all of the other southern rudimentary guidance/direction that I passed along pertaining to character, values, leadership, morals, responsibility, etc. As Mothers, we want our sons to respect and love the women in their lives and not abuse their authority. We want our sons to be good Fathers. Their leadership is important.
It is no different for our daughters. We want them to be loving and respectful women; independent. We do not want them to be abused or disrespected as women.
The key to success is for men to treat women as they would want someone to treat their Mother, sisters, or daughters. Bingo!
As parents, we only hope and pray that our foundation was as solid as a rock and that they will remember the lessons taught.
I trust that my now little big ones will continue to be good responsible people. When they go from our laps to our hearts, we pray that God’s grace and protection will travel with them and shield them. When our little boys and girls become adult men and women respectively, we can only hope that they will cushion the lessons of the heart.
We want good children – sons and daughters. What a blessing they are and their goodness is!
When all is said and done, “Job well done” is the music that we parents want our ears to hear!
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PostHeaderIcon A Mother’s job is never done!

By Vernalee
Conducting an experiment, a well-known advertising agency placed an online ad for a Director of Operations. Although it received over 2.7 million hits, only 24 applications were received. The job description, though brief, read in part: Have to stand all day; work at least 135 hours a week; little or no sitting; requires considerable mobility; ability to lift at least 75 pounds; ability to proficiently multitask; receives no vacation or days off; receives no compensation or bonus pay.”
Several applicants unanimously said, “This is ludicrous!” They laughed and asked, “Who would do a job like that; Is this legal?” These tasks and more are performed by us Mothers everyday – rain or shine! Notwithstanding these functions, add in a 40 hour work week to the existing responsibilities. Being a chef, a chauffeur, a housekeeper, and so much more – come with the territory. In fact, interestingly enough, the duties of motherhood never leave. They stay even when our adult children leave the nest. Our motherly love, concern, worry, joy, and all of our emotionality remain but shift as our children move from our laps to our hearts!
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PostHeaderIcon Taking a writing break!

By Vernalee
Exodus 20:12 reads, “Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be prolonged in the land that the Lord your God gives you.” The fifth of the Ten Commandments, this mandate is considered the greatest inter-generational obligation. This commandment is repeated in the bible at Deuteronomy 5:16.
My Mother took meticulous care of me as a baby … and through the years. She has never left me! My reliance upon the advice that she imparts from her lips makes me wiser. Without question, she is my anchor! Now, I have the distinct pleasure to take care of her and take these scriptures to heart! I am honored to be of service to her! So, I am taking a family medical leave for a few days. I will resume my blog soon … so that I can share with you the conversations between my Mother and me. I can’t wait to be in her continuous presence! She and I have so much “stuff to talk about!”
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