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PostHeaderIcon My tribute to the King of Pop

By Vernalee
After wrapping up some of her legal matters and meetings, my sister girl and I were having dinner at the Polaris Grill in Columbus before her return to Cleveland. It was June 25, 2009. Unexpectedly, I received a phone call. The King of Pop was dead! Shocked and deeply saddened, we both were! We grew up with Michael! I still have the Jackson Five’s first album. What an incredible talent Michael was ……. one that the world will probably never see again! So as BET, FUSE, TV1, and the VH1 networks are dedicating hours of tribute because Michael’s birthday was August 29th, the world is glimpsing and revisiting his incredible dancing, singing, acting, and entertaining talents once again! A consummate, perfectionist entertainer he was! Lest not forget his influence on fashion. My son, and his friends couldn’t wait to get the black multi – zippered Michael Jackson jacket that he wore on the “I’m Bad” video! I called Michael Jackson simply Michael as if I personally knew him; as if he was a neighbor or a close friend. That was his effect ….as I and millions admirably knew him from a distance though he was up close and personal in our hearts. R.I.P. Michael!
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