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By Vernalee
The air in some offices is so thick that it would take a sharp butcher’s knife to slice through it. Some conceited employees carry themselves as if they are God’s gifts to the world. Their heads are so high in the sky that they cannot see the ground. Without further ado, I need not introduce them because I know that you have seen and worked in the same complex with this populous too. They are so lofty that they dare not speak or talk to the so called underlings. If they open their mighty mouths, their words would be condescending because they are so much smarter than you regardless of your educational attainment. Lines of demarcation are drawn by job titles, position hierarchy, and let me not forget race and other unlawful discriminatory factions. The invisible lines become clearly ostensible as they evidently reflect the persona of the many sons and daughters who occupy the throne of workplace arrogance. Old folks would say, “It doesn’t cost you anything to speak!” So for those “think that they are better than other” folks who walk pass “Go” and not dignify others with a greeting, a response, or a turn of the head, do know that you are not better! Your self-imposed superiority will eventually place you in the same environment with the everyday folks. Arrogance always come before a fall! If you do stumble, remember that those people that you looked down upon and placed beneath you – will be higher!
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