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PostHeaderIcon Sesame Street welcomes Julia and so do I!

By Vernalee
Joining Elmo, Big Bird, Kermit, Cookie Monster, Oscar, Bert, and the other cast on Sesame Street is an orange haired Muppet called Julia. Julia has autism. I didn’t see the inaugural show that aired on Wednesday of this week, but I am delighted that Julia has made her debut. Here’s why! Years ago, my teenage grandson was diagnosed with autism. It was a new word for us. Denial proceeded our acceptance. Initially stunned and afraid, we didn’t know what roadmap to follow. Love, cohesiveness, prayer, and education became our compass. I am hopeful that little Julia’s addition to this show will heighten the public’s awareness and understanding of autism. My family and I are blessed to have an amazing, handsome, wonderful young man in our lives … who just happens to be autistic. Kudos to Sesame Street! I applaud you as I believe so many other affected families do as well. Education is the key and this is a major step in the right direction. I will tune in to see Julia and my other Muppet favorites. Ain’t nothing wrong with a super cool Granny being glued to the tube watching Sesame Street! Shhh!
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PostHeaderIcon It’s Grandparents United for Autism Day!

By Vernalee
July 13, 2014 is Grandparents United for Autism Day. As a proud grandmother of an adorable 14 year old grandson who has autism, I would like to share with you a note from Jan Springer. She writes in her article, “Five Tips for Grandparents of a Child with Autism,” words that were very encouraging to me. I share them with you.
1. Expect the unexpected – Be prepared.
2. Change what you can and let the rest go (aka using the Serenity Prayer).
3. Savor the moments and make memories.
4. Learn to love the quirks; work with them and use them.
5. Be reliable and available, when possible.
I urge my followers in the Cleveland, Ohio area to Walk for Autism on September 14th. Get involved in Cleveland and your respective communities. Autism speaks. It’s time to listen! Happy Sunday.
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