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By Vernalee
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There he goes!
No, it isn’t Mighty Mouse flying and singing, “Here I come to save the day!” The vision is clearly Underdog! Remember him!
For those of us who remember, Underdog was a humble/lovable superhero who was Shoeshine Boy’s alter ego.
He always changed into his superhero suit in a phone booth, which would explode afterwards.
That clumsy guy was known to cause a lot of damage, but whenever his Sweet Polly was victimized, he rose to the occasion.
In general, Underdogs are the persons that no one expects to be victorious.
The Underdog is usually not the best equipped to carry out the mission, but amazingly, he/she gets it done!
Let’s take a closer look.
What is it about these Underdogs? We see it frequently.
For example, the team least expected to win carry their teammates to victory.
Is it tenacity?
Is it courage?
Is it the lack of fear of starting over with nothing?
Is it the agony of defeat juxtaposed against the joy of winning?
Do they work harder when challenged or under pressure?
Is it humility?
Perhaps, they are not weighted down with abundant over-confidence, puffed up pride, and lofty arrogance.
Maybe, they have thrown out of the window the superficial air that many of their counterparts carry.
It is difficult to quite put our fingers on it, but we should find out where their secret lies; exactly what makes these underdogs tick?
Have they removed the lingering fear that it is “me against the world” syndrome? Maybe, they have realized that we never walk along.
We just have to stop sometimes and notice God’s footprints in the sand.
When we equip ourselves with the gumption and motivating spirit that the underdogs possess to not give up and race to the finish line, we will then exemplify their spunk to continue our journeys.
It is then and only then that we will see a pathway to victory and hear the melodic sounds that accompany courage.
Blessed quietness!
What is that sound that I hear?
It is the background music of their sing along theme song, “There is no need to fear, Underdog is here!”

PostHeaderIcon If life knocks you down, get up!

By Vernalee
The famous author and motivational speaker Zig Ziglar said, “Getting knock down in life is a given. Getting up and moving forward is a choice.” Thus, you can feel sorry for yourself or you can use every fiber of strength and intestinal fortitude to lift yourself up. These statements are encouraging and can glide off the tongue easily. When and where words meet action is the spot where “the rubber meets the road.” The reality of peeling yourself up from the ground is not easy. With God by your side, the impossible becomes possible. Accessorize yourself with hard work and a strong mental disposition. Rise up!
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