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PostHeaderIcon Is your being alone … self induced?

By Vernalee
I love people and being in crowds! I love feeling needed and helping! I adore being around people; enjoying their company. Yes, I am defined as a “people person!” Everyone describe me as one! I cannot speak for you, but people and friendships are my thing! So I offer to that selected group who are seemingly or seamlessly floating in the ozone out there….. Stop pretending that you are invincible or emotionless! You may be strong, but there is something or someone that can knock you down. It may not have happened yet, but with longevity of years, it will show up at your doorsteps. Unless you are robotic, external emotional penetration will crept in eventually. You cannot escape it! Everyone needs someone! Are you the self described ” untouchable / don’t need anyone” in your life type of person? Stop blaming others. It may be you not them! It may be you who is refusing to let others enter; you who have closed your door. Wake up, smell the coffee, remember no man is an island. In fact, God even recognized the emptiness of man being alone. So…..Get with the program! Ultimately, your survival may depend upon it! Sorry, I forgot the game that folks like you regularly play! Tag, you are it! And you will be it….one day, one way or another!
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