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By Vernalee
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I have four birthdays that standout beyond the rest.

  • Sweet 16:  On my 16th birthday, I had a fabulous party.  I remember that there was a fight at my party.  It didn’t bother me because on that day, I officially became a teenager.
  • It’s Official:  21 and counting – I am a grown woman.  Yes!

My brother and sister had a surprise birthday party for me that was actually a surprise.  How sweet of them!

  • Mid Life Crisis:  My 40th birthday to this day remains pivotal.  I cried crocodile tears.  I was getting older and being 40 proved it!
  • A memorable celebration on my 43rd birthday:   My 13 year old daughter became a woman.  She started her period on the same day that I turned 43.  She was on Cloud 9. I cried uncontrollably.  On that day, I no longer had a little girl.  I was troubled, but I got over it.  I recognized that age is more than a number; it is life unfolding before your very eyes!

Now, each year, I celebrate God’s grace and gratefulness for allowing me to live another day; another year.  Every day is a blessing.  It is up to me to make every hour count.

For me, my birthday,  March 15th,  is a national holiday!

And I celebrate it as one!

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