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PostHeaderIcon Reinventing yourself / It’s never too late!

By Vernalee

“If you’re successful doing one thing, you tend to say, ‘I want to stay here.’” Jay Z

My career exploration has extended from Marketing to Human Resources to Entrepreneurship. I have explored Entrepreneurism in retail, geotechnical testing, marketing / management consulting; now, journalism. I have tried a little bit of this; a little bit of that; jack of all trades, master of some. “Know a little bit about a lot instead of a lot about a little” has always been my motto. I can definitely rise to the occasion.

Now, I have found my purpose and passion, I am doing it now. I am writing. I love every minute of it. I have found something that I love. I can’t wait to start putting my words on paper. It is as natural as breathing air; I don’t feel like I am working at all. “When you do what you like, you never work a day in your life,” according to the wise Confucius.

I am on my journey of being a published author; a prolific writer at that. I can use every waking moment putting my thoughts on paper and perfecting my talent. By some standards, I am a later bloomer. I say to them, “better late than never.” What matters is that I am doing what I love now at this very second. My fingers are doing the walking as they glide my thoughts across my laptop keyboard. “Success,” Jay Z admits “can make you afraid to try something new.” Initially, I had my reservations too, but I remembered the words of my favorite life coach, Dr. Maya Angelou, “Nothing works unless you do.”
Reinventing oneself is not a bad thing regardless of your age. “You have nothing to fear but fear itself.” I say to all, “Make your change; do it now.” I did and it is the best move that I have made professionally! In my new journey of writing, I am loving every word!

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