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By Vernalee
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Are you a daredevil or do you take calculated steps?
It is better to be safe than sorry!
An associate recently reviewed the path of his successful career. It occurred to him that his recent entrepreneurial experience had him freehandedly “walking a tightrope without a net!”
Strangely, he did not realize that his journey was net-less as he was so entrenched in the company’s day to day operation that he had not taken the time to look down.
Fear he didn’t have!
Sometimes, what you don’t see or know remove fear because the negative consequences are not visibly before your eyes.
However, once the wool is pulled away, the dangers become conspicuously obvious. The negative realities stare you directly in your face.
Then, the realization of not having a safety net is akin to being in the middle of the lake with no paddle!
To survive, refocusing is necessary so that bad outcomes don’t defeat you.
Has the time come to reset the precautionary warning signals that implied trust convinced you to remove?
So what’s next?
Equipped with armors of courage, strength, resources, and knowledge, are you now prepared to walk into greener pastures with keener vision, balance and wisdom?
For certain, as embodied in William Ernest Henley’s “Invictus,” we are “the masters of our fate; the captains of our souls.”
Learn from the past.
Be wise; be smart!
Walk with God by your side as your safety net!
Walk with knowledge and integrity.
You will surely and safely find your way and reach your destination.
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By Vernalee
Oh My poor aching feet! I just left the salon after receiving a soothing pedicure. Though polished with a silver lacquered shine, I am taking baby steps as I move.
I’m glad you asked!
I’m watching my steps not because of my sore feet, but because of the situation.
When you walk on eggshells, you have to “watch what you say or do around a certain person because anything might set him or her off.”
Therefore, you must walk very carefully and take steps gingerly.
Figuratively speaking, you seek to avoid confrontation since eggs are so easily broken.
It can become a sensitive hot spot. Your moves, speech, and actions are more cautionary than often sincere.
“Walking on eggshells embraces cautionary actions similar to walking on thin ice or broken glass.”
A step in the wrong direction can lead to a crash and a clash!
You know exactly what I mean!
Don’t you?
I’m sure you have felt the occasional accompanying pain during a misstep. While walking on eggshells presents enough difficulty for most people, walking on the whole egg without damage would be nearly impossible.
In effect, whether you admit it or not, you will become synthetic; very unreal because you are not being honest or true to yourself.
You let other folks’ reactions determine your actions.
You don’t want to do anything to make a bomb go off.
Been there; done that!
Can I get a witness!
Alright, let’s face it, no one like the sound of crunchy egg shells under your feet.
We certainly don’t won’t that gluey egg yolk and egg whites running through our toes!
How disgusting!
So until we effectively deal with the situation or the people that we are trying not to offend, despite the fact that they are offensive via their actions to us, we are in a no win situation.
When we have to be on guard with our words and actions, we are continuously stepping in a rotten egg mess!
Here’s my advice to you as I turn the mirror to speak to myself.
I’m there; walking uncomfortably with you at times! Regretfully, I confess!
You know that none of us are exempted from the hostilities, anger, bitterness, and fear that are attached.
The solution is simple.
First, relax!
Take a chill pill.
This is what we must do.
Let’s boldly speak up and defend ourselves!
Let’s remove ourselves from the self imposed delicate ‘touch and go’ situations that are routinely inflicted by others.
If we don’t, they have succeeded in defeating us; they have received what they wanted at our expense.
In the process, they have gotten on your last nerve, worn you down, and pissed you off.
Did I mention, how upset and fidgety you have become?
Watch your step … and your back!
Stay away from those eggshells and broken down people so that they don’t break you down!
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