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PostHeaderIcon The House always wins!

By Vernalee
Many love the casinos. I am one! I am also a competent mathematician. Before sitting at the Black Jack Table or pulling the lever on the Wheel of Fortune slot machine, I know the odds. I carry a number of casino reward cards. You know we like to get the free $25.00 gambling allowance to get us started. I have so many “casino” stories that stretch beyond gambling. Allow me to share. One night in Detroit, a friend and I on a losing streak decided to play one more round. As we sat in the comfortable chairs, (the more comfy they are, the longer you will stay), we smelled this amazing aroma that hinted of collared greens. Our noses were not all the way wrong! A lady had cabbage greens and corn bread in a container tucked in a brown paper bag. When she noticed that we noticed the smell, she said, “If I lose my money, at least my tummy will be full!” There you have it! It’s more in the casinos than Lady Luck. There are people from all walks of life. There are also people who surreptitiously bring their lunch! They make you forget that you walked out with less cash than you walked in with … at least for a moment! The “house” that keeps getting richer kept some of your cash!
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