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PostHeaderIcon Let God be your GPS! You’ll never get lost!

By Vernalee
Since I am directionally challenged, one of the most practical gifts that I have received was a GPS device. GPS’s can take you directly to your destination. Your only job is to put in the address. I love them! All mechanical devices have their shortcomings. GPS’s cannot see construction zones and other deviations that might take you off course. However, I have founded the best navigation system in the world. When you let God direct and guide you, you can make it to your destination even if you don’t know where you are going! God can and will place you on the right path. God doesn’t need satellite devices or signals. He knows the world and you! Remember, he created both! He can effortlessly recalculate your route; turn you around; and place you upside down. Gravity is no issue with God! Better yet, he can move other objects – people, places, and things – that may be obstacles out of your way. Forget Rand McNally! God has the best roadmap, the Holy Bible! So if you are lost, can’t see your way out, need clarity of vision, or a failed – proof system to keep you personally, professionally, and spiritually wise, put God behind the wheel. Let him cruise you around and order your steps. You will never get lost. Believe, be obedient to his Word, and be deep in your faith as you “go and let God!”
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