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By Vernalee

Dear SWTA followers,
I need your help.
I need more space at home.
What do you mean?
Your home is spacious.
Yes it is, but it is full of my adult children stuff which limits my storage capacity.
My definition of a family home is one with an open door policy that belongs to the family.
Praise God for that provision and understanding.
However that is not my issue.
My issue is having an abundant amount of my children stuff. Mind you, my adult children left the nest years ago; more than a decade to be precise.
So why are their items still here and why do their overflow finds its way back to my home!
That’s a good question!
Sure, I have asked them to remove some things. I have heard their laughter that I, as many other empty nesters, have so much room.
I’m sure that you’ve heard similar comments and accompanying laughter.
So that you understand, let me clarify junk. I am not referring to my and their treasure chest of items that I maintain that carries sentimental significance.
I am referring to what I call the dumping ground whereby the family home is used as a storage bin.
What is a reasonable time to have your adult children remove their possessions from your home? Or a more accurate question may be – How do you stop additional items from finding their way to your door?
Needless to say, I can barely fit my car in my spacious 2 car garage because there is simply not enough room. The teddy bear collection, amongst other items are stored there.
Wait a minute!
I tend to use my head sometimes for more than a hat rack.
I just came up with the perfect solution.
In fact, I have several.
1. I will give a final warning to my big little ones to come and retrieve their stuff. If that doesn’t work since it hasn’t in the past, I will initiate “Operation Removal.”
2. I will have a garage sale. Those extra dollars from the proceeds are enticing.
3. I could always donate their items to a charitable organization.
4. Strategically, I could ask them to purchase s storage bin and place their items there.
5. Using a recommendation from a colleague, I could pull up a dumpster and discard the items.
Ok children, as a last call, I know that you read my blog from time to time.
A hint to the wise is sufficient.
Act before I do!
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