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By Vernalee
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I must confess! I cannot get going in the morning without a pick me upper. Join my girlfriends, sisters, relatives, and tons of others who need that shot of caffeine to get them started. I am dragging until I have my Cup of Joe. The world just doesn’t look the same without it. If I wait too long, I get a headache which is my internal signal that I have not sipped my Arabica beans yet. Yes, that’s right! I’m addicted!
Coffee keeps me and others focused, increase our concentration, boost our memories as it keeps us awake. It is one of a few selected products that has no specific demographical following. Old and young folks drink it. All races and nationalities sip its robust flavor. It is indeed a universal drink with an aroma that smells as good as it tastes.
Statistically, there are approximately 100 million daily coffee drinkers in the United States. Most Americans drink 3 cups of coffee daily. Suffice to calculate that $18 million is annually spent on specialty coffees alone.
Geez…The coffee varieties are incredible. It can be consumed hot or cold, with or without cream, with or without sugar; or integrated into specialty drinks like lattes, cappuccinos, and Frappuccino’s. French vanilla is one of my favorite flavored coffees. Do know that a double shot of espresso cures most hangovers! Coffee houses are everywhere. Crowds sit around Panera Bread and Starbucks chatting and drinking for hours because coffee relaxes us as it facilitates conversation. Once I have my first cup in the morning, I showcase a smiley happy face just like the one pictured in the above coffee cup. Most coffee addicts do!
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