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By Vernalee
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I am sure that you are familiar with The Peter Principle . Named after researcher Dr. Laurence J. Peter, the theory refers to a hierarchy where people tend to rise to “their level of incompetence.” Thus, as people are promoted, they become progressively less-effective because good performance in one job does not guarantee similar performance in another. The definition sounds complicated but in simplistic terms, it merely describes a person who is in over his / her head! They are not qualified and lack the skill set to accomplish their new job. They seek to put a square peg in a round hole. What a visual! Speaking of incompetent co-workers, how many can you count? I am sure that you can rattle off a few names or two. Stop it! No one asked you to rollout your long list or get carried away with this name calling! Geez! We know that many of these incompetents are a total embarrassment to their profession with demonstrated borderline performance. You can’t deny their presence because we see them walking around the office everyday. Can I get a witness? Now, if you have a Peter Principle candidate and a busy bee / nosey rosy who is into everybody’s business as they play the big boss man, you have an undesirable person that nobody wants to come near! They fit the mold of the juvenile reference as dumb troublemakers. Remember this very fact. Peter can be a Peterette. It is not gender based. One can be an incompetent male or female. Either way, here comes the incompetent Peter Cottontail. Hippety hoppety … unless you have the courage to terminate or demote them!
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