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PostHeaderIcon Is 60 the new 40?

By Vernalee
Is 60 the new 40

No matter how we try, we cannot stop the aging process.

Crow’s feet around our eyes, flappy chin, parenthesis around our lower face, wrinkled skin; dark circles under our eyes are bound to happen.  Lest not forget the gray hair which is imminent.   It is amazing that the effects and signs of aging hit our face first, a place where we least want it to appear.

As it relates to me, I feel youthful.  People tell me I look younger than I am.  “Flattery gets them everywhere!”   There are days however that my body feels my age.  That is a fact that cannot be hidden cosmetically.

Many women buy tons of cosmetic products to restore what age has taken away.

Unfortunately, to date, no one has discovered the fountain of youth; although they are still trying to invent that magic formula.  If it comes to pass, I along with many of my colleagues will be in line anxiously waiting to make a purchase hoping to return ourselves to our once beheld glamour and youthful appearances.

Until then, Lady Clairol, Oil of Olay, Lemur, L’Oreal Youth Serum, makeup concealers and other cosmetic novelties will be abundantly stored in our cosmetic cabinets.  Celebrities (Cindy Crawford, Vivica A. Fox to name a few) do infomercials pitching youth restoring products to influence our buying decisions.  Certainly, we want to look glamorous like them.   Show me a woman who hasn’t used a cosmetics enhancement and I will show you a liar.

Unequivocally, we can cover up age lines; we can even have them surgically removed. Younger looking skin is a goal for most women. I swear by my Fashion Fair moisturizer.  I never leave home without it!

The commercialized slogan, “60 is the new 40,” may be vogue.  Of course, that slogan may have been created by younger public relations professionals.  Mathematically, for those of us baby boomers who are around the 60 age mark and who will never see another four in our life time (unless it is the second number, i.e. 64, 74, et al), we do care about our appearance and the removal of age lines.

For me, there is nothing wrong with trying to recapture a younger look.  My vanity does not prevent me from making that admission. There may not be a youth serum yet, but I will continue with any and all embellishments that will minimize aging.  If you are honest, so will you!

Photo Reprint: Squidoo

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