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PostHeaderIcon Who are the biggest snoopers? Men or women?

By Vernalee
I was always told, “If you go looking for trouble, you will probably find it!” Your suspicions will probably become proven facts. So who is the biggest snooper? Do men scoop more than women or vice versa? Not being a private investigator and not knowing the universal answer, a recent survey revealed that when it comes to snooping through a partner’s phone, the furtive culprit is the man! Yes, that’s right! The survey revealed that 34% of Women and 66% of Men snooped through their partner’s phone. Wowser! 31% revealed that upon finding out the information that they snooped to discover that it was grounds for ending their relationship. You should probably erase what you don’t want people to see. Can you hide everything? That question is not for me to answer! Neither can I pass moral judgment. I’ll just say that someone forgot to push the delete button! Smack!
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