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PostHeaderIcon If it’s not what you want, don’t settle!

By Vernalee
Are you settling? Are you in a relationship with a person that you tolerate, but really don’t like anymore? That’s crazy! You could have fooled me because I see you guys out together from time to time. It begs to ask – how could you be with someone that you don’t like? It happens everyday! There may be a host of reasons. It may be out of convenience, although you detest the games that are played; the secrets that are hidden; the “stuff” that they have gotten away with while escaping the expressions of your wrath. So much for keeping the peace! It may even be that the person has been around for a considerable period of time. It’s so easy to become comfortable. It takes work to “seek and find” love and compatibility. When someone is available, why go looking? Loneliness is a bomber! Everyone wants to say that they have someone special in their life. It brings to the forefront that people should really appreciate what they have when they have it! It’s too risky to do otherwise. Often, when people become fed up and walk away, there is no coming back; and there is nothing that can be respectfully said or done to change their minds! When he / she had their chance, they blew it! Now … It’s over! … Not a good feeling .. huh? The upside is that you don’t have to take their “stuff” anymore! You can be blessed with the presence of someone who loves / appreciates you once your baggage is gone! Hello!
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