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By Vernalee
Mrs. Elaine Saunders - D.C.
Elegance never goes out of style.
It dresses up a person with class.
Hats contribute to that form of elegance.
Hats add a look of distinction.
They are in a class all by themselves.
I remember the days that you would rarely see a woman in the southern churches without a hat. My Mother, aunts and women of her generation wore hats, matching shoes and purses to church. Sometimes, they added gloves to round out their look. How chic! There is a lady in my hometown named Molly. I have never seen her without her signature hats. Her husband, Jessie jokingly says that she owns hundreds in every style and color. Hats make a woman look distinguished, sophisticated, and all dressed up. Although I am not a hat wearer, I love the look!
I love the elegance!
It complete the look with class.
Photo reprint: – Mrs. Elaine Saunders, District of Columbia

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