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By Vernalee

Many of us are trying to get in shape and become healthier.
Include me in that group!
It starts with life style changes. Eating healthy and exercising are key components.
An exercising partner/someone who cares enough about you to help you reach desired goals are positive influencers.
A loved one recently purchased me a membership in a fitness center; how loving and lovely!
Now, it’s my job to use it; it’s my job to get and stay in shape.
Long hours and mentally exhausting days are stimulants for relaxation and rest; not exercise.
No one said that it was easy!
As the kids say, “It ain’t no joke!”
I’m learning; I’m growing; I’m inspired; I’m adapting.
Nowadays, I have a helpmate to motivate me to physical fitness.
So as I trained and reposition my thinking and routines, the experts say that I should keep in mind a few tips.
Here we go.
Things that you should never do at the gym:
1. Lift too much. Don’t risk injury.
2. Do the same routine every single day.
3. Skip your cardio.
4. Go to the gym when you are sick.
5. Work out without a towel.
6. Hover, gawk, or push in.
7. Go to hard too soon.
8. Train only one muscle group.
9. Use only one machine.
10. Ignore proper form.
11. Not putting your weights, DB’s , and bar bells away after use.
12. Check all forms of social media while resting between sets. Get off your phone!
13. Converse with friends while using a piece of equipment.
14. Video shaming.
15. The more chalk you use doesn’t make the weight lighter.
So, as I go to the gym this week, I have a roadmap.
It’s left up to me to travel its course.
As they say, the proof is in the pudding. We’ll see if a transformation occurs. If so, the end results will be a suave, physically fitted manicured body.
I’ll drink to that!
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By Vernalee
bth_WomanRunning-1 photobucket

This is a new year. I am off to a running start! I need to get in better shape. I know that this will not be an easy task, but I am determined to succeed! As Wilma Rudolph said, “The triumph can’t be had without the struggle.”

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