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By Vernalee
670px-Deal-With-a-Condescending-Friend-Step-6Thanks to the tutelage of my Daddy, “I have never been in a physical fight!” My Daddy told me, “Smart girls can talk their way out of trouble. Good Lord, as much as you talk, that will be easy! But if someone aggressively attack you, knock them out; knock them to kingdom come!” My Daddy sage advice kept me in the driver’s seat respective to the avoidance of physical entanglements. By my own admission, I have been left in the dark often when it came to emotional battles. When a friend violates you, it can be a surprising and devastating punch. It hurts! You don’t expect betrayal from them! Getting up from a friend’s rope a dope attack can be so difficult that you may need help to be peeled off the ground. Your emotional battles can be incapacitating if you allow the mental scar tissues to bruise your ego. If you are holding on to the memories of emotional fights that happened so long ago that you cannot remember the origin or how they started, that’s scary! It’s a lingering internal spar that knows no origin! At some juncture in our lives, we have to “peel back the “friendship” onion.” When you get to the core, either you will see the problem, the solution, or realize that you have nothing or something left! Of course, you will shed some tears from the onion juices or from your emotional frenzies. Because of the closeness and knowledge that we have of our friends and they of us, a fight with them can be excruciatingly painful and hard to conquer. It can tear you up emotionally particularly if a betrayal was involved. It is a violation like no other; an emotional strain to say the least. The licks can spank you. Is it worth the turmoil? Forgiving and forgetting – are vital steps toward reconciling our differences and ending Hatfield / McCoy battles. If we don’t, the unpleasant stench from our battles will never subside! Friends or those who have become former friends – should never want that, but the road has to end somewhere. We have choices – we can kiss and make up or we can terminate the closeness that we coveted and enjoyed. Sometimes, we can’t fix what’s broken; the wounds are too deep. As the clock ticks, things will work themselves out one way or another even if the outcome is expectantly different than what we desired. Ultimately, we will move on – friend or foe!
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