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PostHeaderIcon Those old fashioned spirituals can lift you up!

By Vernalee“The Lord will make a way somehow; Amazing Grace; Precious Lord; There will be a brighter day ahead; What a friend we have in Jesus; Wade in the Water, Yes, Jesus loves me” are those old school spirituals that we have sung for years. Those are the songs that we relied upon to get us through hard times or simply through the day. Those are the songs that I heard my Mother singing while she cooked. As old as the lyrics are, when we sing them today, they still uplift us; motivate us; and make our battles easier because of our faith and belief in God. Oh yes, when we lift our voices to The Lord; to the heavens, it is a validation that “There is power in the name of Jesus to break every chain,” a new gospel tune by Tasha Cobbs. Praising God is timeless. We just have to do it! Happy Sunday!
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