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By Vernalee
If you are a little rusty and need to get up to speed, these acronyms are for you! Even I have graduated from the common abbreviated texts such as: R u going 2 or C U. So GWTP. For the old timers, that means Get With The Program!
There are too many to list, but the below are some common text acronyms.
Acronyms A to L
2F4U – Too Fast For You
4YEO – FYEO – For Your Eyes Only
AAMOF – As a Matter of Fact
AKA – Also known as
BTT – Back to Topic
BTW – By the Way
B/C – Because
CU – See you
CYS – Check your Settings
DIY- Do it Yourself
EOBD – End of Business Day; End of Discussion
EOM End of Message
FWIW- For what it’s Worth
HF – Have fun
HTH – Hope this Helps
IDK – I don’t know
IOW – In other Words
Acronyms M to Z
MMW – Mark my Words
NNTR – No need to Reply
NOYB – None of your Business
NRN – No Reply Necessary
OT – Off Topic
OTOH – On the other Hand
POV – Point of View
ROTFL- Rolling on the Floor Laughing
SCNR – Sorry, could not Resist
THX – Thanks
TYVM – Thank You Very Much
TYT – Take your Time
TTYL- Talk to you Later
WFM – Works for Me
YMMD – You made my Day
YAM – Yet Another Meeting.
Now let me stomp you, text a set of words to a designated number. Don’t ask me! I don’t know how to do it! I have to be retrained every time. I stick to the simple “stuff.”
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