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By Vernalee
You and I have witnessed behavior that makes you go – hmmm! Complexing, you may not believe what your eyes saw or what your ears heard!
Corrective lenses or hearing aids won’t do Justice! You ask, “Who do those rascals think that they’re fooling?” Some of the game players closely resemble the Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde types.
Their mannerisms is dual to say the least. Before you can respond to their acts or comments, you first have to determine which personality (Jekyll or Hyde) is being portrayed.
Confusing; sure it is. As radical as that may be, their duplicitous behavior and their shenanigans require encyclopedic interpretations.
Even Sigmund Freud would be challenged! Entering our space are those folks who try to “make a monkey of (or out of) someone.”
Those are the ones that are more radical or shall I say they “take the cake.”
In simple terms, their goal is to humiliate someone by making them appear ridiculous.
Some go as far as to try to make a laughingstock of, ridicule, or poke fun at someone. Many are successful at their ploys; initially, that is.
Be careful! The tables will and can turn. Payback is no joke!
Hint: Don’t end up trying to make someone else look like a monkey and make a fool out of yourself! Holy hallelujah! If that happens … that monkey that you ridiculed … remember him/her … will have the last laugh … on you!
What a monkeyshine of a deal!
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