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PostHeaderIcon The subtleties of discrimination

By Vernalee leland, miss.

“The more things change, the more they stay the same.” What usually changes are the methods of implementation. In the workplace, most employees know that it is unlawful to discriminate against individuals based upon their race, color, sex, national origin, handicap, age, religion, and the other protected classes promulgated by laws.
Yet, discrimination is alive and well! We may not always witness blatant violations, but even when it is disguised, the effects and disparate impact are devastatingly still the same. For example, rather than unlawfully terminate someone, cleverly eliminate their position. Then, call it budget cuts so that the victim has a harder fight because your scheme complicated the proof standards and their defense.

Rarely, will we hear a person say that “I am a bigot, a prejudiced racist, a male chauvinist, and the like.” Whether the perpetrators admit it, they categorically show it! Besides, actions speak louder than words.

Photo reprint: – Leland, Mississippi, 1937.

PostHeaderIcon Dating is just a six letter word / The consequences are not

By Vernalee
maya angelou quote - quotespeedia
Though a very sensitive subject, there exist acrimonious hostilities when Black men date / marry White women. Some Black women have vehemently voiced their concerns because the available pool of Black women end up playing second fiddle – if not losing out altogether. Who wants to become a lonely old maid?

The Black man / White woman matches are more common than the inverse. Either Black women will have to cross the racial divide to even up the score or the numbers will inevitably escalate. For sure the ubiquitous statement, “Once you go Black, you will never go back;” undoubtedly has dual application regardless of gender. Because of the taboos and apprehensions of being called a racist, this dating topic may on some days be “hush, hush,” but resentfully broadcasted when another eligible Black man is snatched. Thus, the Black / White woman clash uncivilly continues with no end in sight.

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