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PostHeaderIcon A hostile work environment

By Vernalee
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Every time, my friends and I sit at Starbucks for our weekly coffee break talks, one of our predominant conversations is that of hostile work environments. Despite the laws prohibiting same, people still haven’t learned how to act at work. Short of litigation, I wonder if they will ever get the message. Last week’s discussion dealt with the “raging bull dog in a china shop” executive. We name them based upon their character and / or actions. We are a creative team. Anyway, this executive stormed into a meeting, late of course, and belligerently started yelling and attacking folks. Mind you, despite his undignified demonstration of pugnaciously shifting his weight (it comes with his title), amazingly, as is usually the case, he had limited facts and no correct information. All of the associates at the meeting were mortified and speechless. How do you diplomatically tell the man in charge that once again he is wrong? How do you tell him that his conduct is offensive? This day, however, the employee that he attacked said, “Mr. Big Boss man, you better lay off of me. I am not the one today! I have had enough of your foolishness. Why bore my colleagues! Let’s take this matter outside: man to man!” Wow, I guess the bull dog boss finally – barked up the wrong tree!
Stay tuned!
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PostHeaderIcon Do you “suit up” for work?

By Vernalee
Suits…I know that you initially thought that I was referring to you being glamorously attired in a two or three piece business suit with a frilly blouse. However in this case, I am speaking of the defense garbs, your protective outerwear. Emotional punches are thrown all day from the time you walk in until the minute you exit. You must condition your mind to withstand the blows and rope -a -dope hits. You may encounter a cadre of bosses ranging from those who have Mt. Everest height egos to those who know everything. On the sidelines are those who are discriminatory, mean spirited and arrogant. Walking alongside this group are the bullies who run the “A to Z” gamut of creating fear, anxieties, pressures, and pain as they orchestrate their mastery of being the big boss man. The job site is filled with tainted air whose fragrances stench of conceited aromas. No wonder some of the more talented and lucky ones vacate at the first opportunity to leave. Others may have to endure for mere survival, but their day will come!
I can’t answer why some of the higher ups aren’t humanistic or more civilized. I can’t comprehend their superiority filled attitudes and actions. I praise those bosses who foster environments of equality and fair play. They have realized that the job can be accomplished without intimidation.
So to protect myself, I must walk in “suited up” like Laila Ali ….just in case! My mind is my protective suit of armor. Power to power ain’t a joke; it’s an equalizer in a hostile work environment.
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