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PostHeaderIcon Wheel of Fortune: There’s big money in solving puzzles!

By Vernalee
I can do a few things quite well, but solving a puzzle is not one of them! Having said that, you probably wouldn’t believe that my favorite game show is Wheel of Fortune. I rush home everyday to watch it. Despite the fact that I have for years wanted the stunning Vanna White’s job, (free clothes, immaculate makeup, and compensation of millions for turning the letters), I love the glitz and glamour of the show! The prize puzzles are my favorite. I know that I don’t have a snow ball’s chance of getting on the show and because of my inability to successfully compete, I wouldn’t publicly embarrass myself. I always entice and groom my children to do what I can’t. How clever of me! My son Scooter is an exceptional Wheel player, but even he might have had trouble with this past Friday’s winner, Matt DeSanto, whose record breaking performance won $91, 892. He solved a 13 letter toss up puzzle with only one letter appearing. The answer to the puzzle was – The Lone Ranger. Pat Sajak, Vanna White, the contestants, and the entire viewing audience watched in amazement! Not a bad payday for 30 minutes of work! After such a brilliant performance, all I can say is “Kemo Sabe … “High Yo silver!”
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