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PostHeaderIcon You can’t teach an old dog new tricks!

By Vernalee
“When people are set in their ways,” you can try, but it’s a difficult task to get them to break their habits or change their course of action. As you push, they pull. Their stubbornness can easily defeat your proposed innovations and trample positive energies. Your suggestions may be fresh and great, but their mindset is rusty. It takes ingenuity and persistence for them to vacate their traditional way of doing things, as archaic as they may be. Quick thinking, adaptability, patience, and understanding are must be ingredients that must be added to your mix. Without question, new ideas and methods necessitate change, but guess what? Once it’s done, it’s not new anymore. Try a little tenderness and hope that they come around! Progress starts with the first step. Enticements and rewards are great inducements! If all else fails, try Kibbles’N Bits! Wolf! Or throw the “dog” a bone! You might be surprised … what wags the tail!
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