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PostHeaderIcon Introduction: Welcome to our site, “Stuff we talk about.”

Thank you for visiting our site, “Stuff we talk about.”
Born out of discussions with my female colleagues and daughter, this site provides intimate and often times funny stories about our life experiences.  Honesty and humor are found throughout.

Before long, I realized that my women associates and I mostly talk about a few topics that were recurring in some form or fashion.

In essence, “stuff that we talk about” predominantly covers seven primary areas with some sidebar conversations in between.  Those areas, not necessarily in this order, are as follows:

Men / Relationships / sex,
Children / family,
Beauty / Fashion / Style,
Career /Work,
Other Folks,
Religion / Spiritual.
Whatever topic is dominating our lives on that particular date ultimately will dominate our thoughts and carry over into our discussions.

“Don’t get it twisted” when those naysayers say women talk too much, remember men talk as much as we do.  It’s only human nature to communicate our views and thoughts.  Sharing with selected individuals is therapeutic and refreshing.  We all have a boiling point.  Turning on our conversational release valve when needed, will help “cool us off,” provide balance, and comfort.

Therefore, I dedicate this site to all the women out there in my reading audience.  As we continue this journey, I am confident that through my sharing, I will touch upon a subject of interest.  I am anticipating your responses through the posting of your comments.  As we dialogue, we will hopefully grow together because as women we share so many commonalities that cross racial, socio-economic, religious, educational and other lines. Together, we will discover that we are more similar than different.

I trust that you will enjoy reading these articles as much as I enjoyed writing them. I look forward to our journey together! We have so much “stuff to talk about!”


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