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PostHeaderIcon I’m not letting you hold me down!

By Vernalee
There are always obstacles and deterrents. Roadblocks do exist. Troubles will arise. There have been those who have created interferences in my game plan. But I am determined. I might “give out,” but I will not ” give up” on my dreams and goals. People and things have turned me around and upside down, but I refuse to let them pull me down. Do know that I am not “all that!” Like most people, I have fallen by the wayside; not once, but many, many times! I have picked myself up and I have been picked up. So many hands have lifted me! Let me confess; right here and now! I have a secret weapon, the spirit and power of The Lord! With God by my side as a resource and guide, I continue! I stand! I rise!
Photo credit: Kason Reeves
I dedicate this blog to a special young lady. Keep climbing; keep pushing; keep God by your side!

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