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By Vernalee
Does your man trust you at his house when he is not there? Or does he utilize the rule – “When I leave, you leave!” Should you give each other a key if you are in monogamous and committed relationship? Or should you keep your keys and privacy to yourself? If you don’t surrender the key, does it suggest that you are hiding something or are you just protective about who you let into your space? Maintaining your freedom is important. Why give that up when it is an option? There is an old fashioned saying popular in the south, namely, “We will exchange keys when our last name is the same.” Of course, that means that the passing of the door keys comes along with the marriage.
Now then, outside of marriage, should you feel offended if you do not have a key to his/her front door when you feel that you are closer than close? Is that a realistic expectation? If you have a key to each other’s heart, what is so difficult about having a key to the front door of the house? The abstract is easy. A physical key – well that’s another thing.
Maybe the chronological flow is absent. Love, trust, and confidence precede the keys. Is there a consensus of mutual feelings between the two of you? Are you really there – standing upon each other’s sacred grounds where the secrets are nonexistent? Think twice. It may be a misread.
So, what exactly are the golden rules to determine this key dilemma? Really, are there any? Stop it right here and now. Forget the motions of reaching in your pocket or purse to grab the keys. Your actions speak loud and clear for you. They do the talking every time! It’s what you do beyond the lock and key that tells the story. If he/she has the key to your heart, the key to your door is just circumstantial. is it not? Don’t answer, but be for true to thine self.
Listen up, guys, please play fair. Don’t ask for her key if you are not willing to give yours. If you have truly and unconditionally opened your heart to your each other, the front, side, and back doors should already be unlocked and opened! So, should the windows! On the flip side, a closed heart and a closed door are not mutually exclusive. Trust me, forced entry is not your thing. Freedom to roam is more your cup of tea.
So I ask, “Ladies … are you in the house?” That’s street vernacular, but you get the point. Right? You and he know the answer as to whether the access is complete. It’s very telling! If the answer is not what you expect at the time you expect it, forget the keys, walk out of the door even if it is a revolving one. Why remain in a “house” that is not a “home?”
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