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PostHeaderIcon When it’s too sticky, get out!

By Vernalee
When Teflon cookware hit the market, women were excited! Finally, there were nonstick pots and pans that didn’t require scrubbing. Rinse them with soapy water, wipe, and you are done in a jack flash second. It’s that easy!
Though this Teflon magic is ingenious in the kitchen, no woman wants a Teflon type man in her life. Who wants to be in a relationship with a man who doesn’t stick around? Besides, you could never depend on him. He was always the “about to do, but never did” type. At least the upside is that you don’t have to flex your muscle scrubbing or use your expensive soap detergent to remove the existence of the Teflon man, his glide will be effortless! Your kitchen and your life will thank you for his removal. Once gone, he can no longer eat your food (more money for you) and you no longer have to tolerate his lack of emotional and financial adhesiveness! This advertising slogan says its best: “Ditch the Non- Stick!”
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