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PostHeaderIcon Waking Up Wet

By Vernalee
maria max

Where is my towel?  I am soaking wet!

Yes, I have arisen in the middle of the night with water all over me!  Before you think that I am being sexually erotic, think again.

I am not referring to sensual excitement; instead I am referencing the effects that accompanies menopause.  Like a lightning bolt, hot flashes can hit me seriously hard through the night.  To cool down, I have to do a striptease.  I rip off my clothes to display only my birthday suit.

What a deal…..naked in bed….a man’s dream and a fulfillment of my sexual fantasies – there are nights that I wished such was the case!  Ironically at those moments, I am more concerned about cooling off and easing the hot flashes because my body, particularly my legs feel as if they are on fire.  Sweat has rolled down my body from head to toe.    A small fan circulating cool soothing air has a similar effect as an orgasmic pleasure.  Alright, not exactly!  That example may be an embellished exaggeration but you get the point!  Right!

Despite the fact that I just got coiffed up at the beauty salon, I am on my way back to get my hair restyled.  When night sweats occur, my body heats up to incredible temperatures.  There have been nights that I opened the refrigerator door and stood inside to cool off.

One of my friends said that she wakes up with an Afro hair style, although her locks were as straight as a line before she climbed in bed.   Forget about a good night’s sleep, because sleep deprivation is also a menopausal side effect.

There is more.  Weight gain is right around the corner.  Other companions, including moodiness, are up for grabs.  On some days, a woman can have her pick of the menopausal litter.  Be happy, look on the bright side.   At least you no longer have your monthly menstrual cycle!

These descriptions may sound comical, but menopause, and its side effects, is no joke.  It is a reality.  It does not invoke laughter from those of us encapsulated in the rhythmical menopause phases.

To my younger female colleagues, I welcome you to the backside of womanhood.  There is no getting around it.  The consolation is – “This too will pass!”  I cannot wait.  I will be relieved and cooler when it ends!

Photo Reprint: Maria Max

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