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By Vernalee
Why do people stay involved in other folks’ affairs? Is it boredom, the need to gossip, not enough excitement in their own life, jealousy, or what? The answer may not be clear; the solution is simple! Stay out of their business; mind your own!
If you stay on top of yours, that’s a job in and of itself – very time consuming, I’ll say! In fact, when you mind your own business, you really won’t have the time to meddle in someone’s else!
Plain and simple!
If you don’t believe me, take the plunge.
Mind your business and not theirs and see what happens!
You will be amazed!
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By Vernalee
If someone can discover the magic formula that will keep people out of other folks’ business, they would be extremely wealthy instantly. Why people cannot stay in their own lane is an aged old question. Finding the answer is just as ancient.
It is enough work to stay on top of your issues and business without stretching yourself to wander into others. Who has the time?
To help in the journey of minding your own business and not that of others, let’s turn again to the experts. Take a look.
How to mind your business:
“1. Try not to butt in. Some people could care less about what you’re doing or talking about. But others can’t help it. They butt in on everything; it’s natural. Work on it.
2. Ask yourself why you are butting in. Before you go interrupt someone, ask yourself: “Does this concern me?” Let the answer guide you.
3. Walk away instead of butting in. If you figure out that it doesn’t concern you at all, then walk away.
4. Become oblivious and disinterested. Your aim is to mind your business and not be judged for being unapproachable. Be cheerful and happy for others. If you feel the need to find out what they are doing, think about it first. Think before you speak.
5. If you do overhear something of note between two people, or a group of people, but the topic does not concern you or affect you in any way, then let the matter stay between the people it concerns.
6. Gauge their reaction. In order to be not misunderstood as a desperate intruder, keep to your communications limited to your business and involve yourself when invited or asked to.
7. Respect other peoples privacy.
If you are not included then it suggests that they feel better without you.
Try to figure out what is it that you do that makes others very uncomfortable about you.”
If none of that worked, help is on the way. Try these personalized
7 tips for minding my own business.
If you are still bordering the fence on whether to butt in or stay out, these tips may help if you are honest with yourself.
1. No one asked for my advice.
2. I don’t know the whole story.
3. It doesn’t affect me.
4. It’s a Secret of Adulthood: Just because something makes me happy
doesn’t mean that it will make someone else happy, and vice versa.
5. Don’t gossip.
6. I’m on someone else’s turf.
7. Find explanations in charity. Stop poking around.”
So, in conclusion, how do you learn how (and when) to mind your own business?
Ask yourself these three questions:
1. Is this my business?
2. Is this someone else’s business?
3. Is this God’s (or higher power, or universe, whatever feels comfortable) business?”
To mind or not to mind your own business is the question. No one can answer or do that but you! I dare you to try!
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PostHeaderIcon Stay in your lane!

By Vernalee
Growing up in the country, you learn the art of driving by cruising down gravel roads and dirt roads before graduating to the two lane highways. As you travel in one direction facing the traffic in another, you learn to stay in your own lane. Swerve too far to the right and you are liable to end up in a ditch. Move to far to the left and you are subject to have a head on collision with the other vehicle. This precision teaches you much about life. In order words, if you mind your own business and stay out of other folks’ affairs, it is smooth sailing. When you meddle, you cross the line! Where you end up is where your intrusion takes you. “You are an accident waiting to happen” when you start interfering. No speed will keep you safe in those types of circumstances. Fender bending becomes your outcome regardless of your destination! Crash!
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By Vernalee
techniques pourles time
1. The bank teller gave you substantially too much money back.
2. You saw your friend’s husband cheating.
3. You saw someone stealing in a department store.
4. You left the store and discovered the clerk inadvertently didn’t ring up a pricey item that was in your cart.
5. You saw your married boss out on a date with a fellow employee.
For these and other similarly situated matters, what would you do? Would you spread the news down the gossip mill; make a financial deal to keep your mouth closed; angrily or diplomatically confront the wrongdoer; pray for the abuser and the abused; report it; turn your head; or simply mind your business? There are no boiler plate answers in situations whereby you could idly do nothing or inquisitively stick your nose into matters that are clearly none of your business? Here’s to hoping that your conscience, home training, and spiritual foundation will guide you to do the right thing!
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PostHeaderIcon Mind your business!

By Vernalee
being nost - statigram
Why are we so nosy? Why can’t we just mind our own business? My Momma would tell us, “Stop looking out those curtains. One day, you gonna see something that will knock your eyes out!”
Yet, we love peeping. We also love watching what other people are doing in their lives. That is why the reality shows are so popular. Maybe it is the drama of it all. Who knows? As the old folks say, “If ya take care of yer own business, ya ain’t got time to git in other folk’s mess.” We should listen and take heed!
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