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PostHeaderIcon A bittersweet story!

By Vernalee
Caution: If this is your story, you have time to change the ending before it’s too late.
The Tale of a Successful Journey:
You worked long and hard, year after year to make it to the top! You are there… finally! Congrats! The scenery is stunningly beautiful. A big house, luxury cars, comfy furniture, maid service, a personal chef / trainer, and no financial worries are at your fingertips. There is one thing that is missing. You have encountered a realization; one that you neglected for all those years. You were so busy working and not caring about folks as you selfishly climbed, that you alienated, walked over, and hurt many souls on your ascension. You didn’t want a companion to climb the mountain with you; you considered it extra weight. Certainly, it could hold you back! You had to go it alone. You insisted! It must be your way or the highway! Perseverance pays off! Alas, you made it! There is however one problem. You are extremely lonely on top of the world by yourself! Maybe, you can pick up the pieces and find someone to be by your side; to enjoy the splendors with you. Don’t look on the side of the road. You kicked too many people to the curb on your way up!
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