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PostHeaderIcon A Mother’s guiding hands

By Vernalee
Over the years, I always knew that my Mother was exceptionally wise. Now, being with her every day, I am amazed at her wisdom. I am so grateful of her willingness to listen to me talk about the idiosyncrasies of my day and the particulars of my life; which probably can be a bit much some days! If only I had her humility. I am better these days, because she is helping me and of course telling me what to do! All Mothers do that … but when it is great advice, you become more proficient. What would I do without her guiding hands? In a way, my clients are getting “two for the price of one.” If this keeps up, a fee increase is in order! They say that two women cannot harmoniously live in one house. I guess that my almost 90 year old Mother and I are defying those odds. We are doing just great, having fun, and enjoying every minute! The same hands that picked me up as a baby are lifting me to higher grounds now! Blessed, I am!Photo credit:

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