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By Vernalee - wine and glass

I have been called Miss, Mrs. and Ms.
I have been single, married, divorced, and in committed relationships. Though unmarried, I instinctively live a married lifestyle because that is the régime that molded me. By appearance and behavior, one would never know who I am. I have fooled the best! I am perfectly imperfect!

As a young girl, my Mother taught me a lifelong lesson. “It doesn’t matter what someone calls you; what matters is what you answer to.” So, today in 2013, I enjoy incredible happiness. Once I elevated my life to the point where my happiness was not consummately centered on a man, I evolved! Don’t take this the wrong way! A man brings bountiful happiness. I prefer having a man in my life than not. Most women do. Through living, however, I achieved balance. I love my children, my grandchild, my family, and the man of the given hour. More importantly, I love me! The future may bring a change; but for now, call me happy. That’s the word that I happily answer to! Cheers! I’ll drink to that!

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