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PostHeaderIcon Nice or Nasty or “Nice Nasty”

By Vernalee
Have you ever been “nicely” told off or insulted? “Nice nasty” people (as they are called) can give you a piece of their mind, sometimes calling you every name but your own. The words – Nice ; Nasty – are two extremes, but we have people who can nicely mix them together. They chastise you diplomatically which makes it hard to get mad at them. They have an amazing talent as they have mastered the art of “sticking it to you” while smiling and concurrently reciting their displeasure with your behavior. It is not unusual for them to find something wrong because they look for the needle in the haystack. Never forget that “nice nasty” folks will “throw you under the bus” and run you over – gently and nicely! So the question remains, “Are they nice or nasty or “nice nasty?” Don’t waste your time trying to figure it out!
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