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By Vernalee
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How much do you or should you share with a committed partner who is not your spouse? Do you feel violated or like a fool when you willingly share details about you and your partner deliberatively holds back? Of course, you don’t know that he / she is holding back until you find out otherwise. Now, that the cat is out of the bag, your feelings are bruised. Poor thing! You shared everything and discovered that your loving partner shared very little, nothing, or stuff that substantially doesn’t matter. Though not an even exchange, but figuratively, your partner gave you a low calorie dessert, when you fed him a full course delectable meal! Ouch! A free flowing stream, your mouth was; a keep it close to the chest was your partner’s! Don’t blame him! Blame your blabber mouth! You did this to yourself! You told it all! Count it as a revealing history lesson that deserves no repeat. Undeniably, your partner took you to school. Hopefully, it was a lesson learned!
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