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PostHeaderIcon A tiger doesn’t change its stripes

By Vernalee
Call me naïve though I am in my 60’s. Certainly, I should know better! Maybe, it’s only human nature to believe the dogma of Dr. Maya Angelou that – “people should do better once they know better.” Well, I got duped once again; hoodwinked to the nth degree! A person whose character has been consistently filthy volunteered to do a good deed. He had organized a substantial crew to do community service. I was impressed! Much to my chagrin, not only did he not buy food from Kroger’s to feed the homeless; he took his partner’s credit card and “maxed” it out to the limit. Pristine to the phrase’s definition, “a tiger doesn’t change its stripes;” man doesn’t change his essential nature. This corrupted Robin Hood stole from the rich, but he did not give to the poor. He dishonestly gave to himself!
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