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By Vernalee
I’m sure that many of you know what’s it is like to be placed on the back burner. It’s not a good position or feeling. By sheer definition, being placed on the back burner means that there has been a temporary deferment of some sort. For certain, you have not been given high priority. In fact, you are in a low priority status. Being relegated to the back burner assures that you will not receive immediate attention. Essentially, you are being put out of the way; out of sight, out of mind. Furthering the definition, the back burner signifies other tidbits including that you are of relatively little importance; and that there has been a postponement of consideration for you and your issues. Simply stated, it’s a state of inertia. Let’s look at the front burner. Unequivocally, the pots on the front burners receive the most attention, are readily visible & accessible, and are stirred more often. I am here today to give anyone a shout out who cares to listen. This message may serve you well and take you further. If you don’t like or agree with where you have been placed, speak up! Refuse to be the back burner person. Demand respect. It’s up front or nothing at all. Stop letting people deal with you when they feel like it. What about you and your feelings? History has taught us too many valuable lessons to ignore. Rosa refused to sit at the back of the bus. She ignited the civil rights movement and changed the world. Your refusal to be the low man or woman on the totem pole may influence your placement the next go around once the people who placed you in the rear find out that you can start a blazing inferno from the back row. It may be to their advantage to give you priority seating because your fire will be easier to extinguish up front. To those decision makers who determine position, listen up; take heed! Don’t learn these essential basic facts – the hard way! You might get burned!
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PostHeaderIcon How “big” is your job?

By Vernalee
Is your job your life? Is your life centered around your J-O-B or you? For sure, most of us work so that we can financially support ourselves and our family. We cannot undervalue the importance and significant benefits that working provides. We can however order the perspective and balance. A friend once told me, “Life is cash flow.” Without question, we need cash to survive; no argument there! Where we place and value it in our lives is the question! There are some people that without their jobs, they are nothing! Their jobs define them! Their job means more than the people in their lives. Has your job become more valuable than your loved ones? Before you deny the obvious, stop! We know who you are as do you! If you “live to work” rather than “work to live,” there may be a problem! “Punch out” now and work to get your life in order!
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