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PostHeaderIcon Digging Ditches

By Vernalee
digging-225x300 lipstick makes everything
Years ago, My Mother said, I want to pass on the same advice to you that my Mother gave to me when I was your age. “If you dig a ditch for someone to fall in, dig two coz you might fall in one of them.” To this day, I don’t plan other people’s demise. They seem to be capable of doing that for themselves. My time and energies are spent on keeping my head above water. That is an all inclusive job in and of itself. Whew! I’m tired already!
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PostHeaderIcon Tag – you’re it!

By Vernalee
Can you count the number of people who are waiting for you to have an “off” day; waiting on you to make a mistake? No one is perfect and that includes those who are calculating your fall from grace. Even the infallible little Miss Muffet fell off her tuffet!
Why would anyone wish that bad circumstances befall someone else? Simple, they are treacherous. Sooner or later, the same harm that they destined to happen to that person may happen to them! When and if it does, shall we call it fair play? With such juvenile behavior, isn’t that the type of scheming that you would expect from underhanded people? Engaging in tug of war tactics is what they do. Just like children, unbelievably they chase folks around like it is a “Tag, you’re it” game! Stray away, because you don’t want their telepathic evil hands to touch you!
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