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By Vernalee
“I got 99 Problems” ….but you ain’t one!
Listen up!
I’m talking to those people who are always talking about other folks.
When will your critique end?
Unfortunately, it is a sad that you have nothing better to do!
How low can you go?
You may think that you are in control, but you aren’t. In fact, you are not even in control of yourself!
Please, I dare you; double dare you – to look in the mirror and admit what you see!
You are the mere shadow of what you could be. Let me help.
May I invite you to groove on the Itunes of Jay Z. Take some tips from him!
At 60 plus, I am not a rapper!
In fact, many of the rap song lyrics are much too vulgar for my taste.
But Jay Z is making some noticeable moves.
Indeed, we can rise beyond where we started! He has at least put himself in the company of great minds (Warren Buffet included)and is taking their advice. What are you doing besides running up bar tabs?
Sorry, that comment went way too far; though accurate it is!
All I can say is, “Start treating people with dignity and respect!”
It will pay off particularly if and when you are ostracized on your descent from the ivory towers!
We do reap what we sow!
Unlike the folks that you grossly mistreated on your upward climb, I wish you well!
You are no longer a problem to them. They rose above the ashes of your wrongdoings and ignorant/unfair treatment.
Besides, “One bad deed does not deserve another!”
Smart people move on!
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By Vernalee
We use metaphors from time to time to bring home a point. They tend to help us see a situation clearer.
“An Elephant in the room” is an metaphorical idiom that refers to an obvious truth that is going unaddressed or to an obvious problem or risk that no one wants to discuss. It is so profound as the expression is focused around the idea or thought that an elephant because of its sheer size would be impossible to overlook. Agreed? Although a truism, it occurs; frequently at that!
The impossibility of this carefree ignorance makes it all the more interesting. How can we ignore a problem or issue that is clearly right before our eyes particularly when the problem is blatantly obvious or too big to go unnoticed? Because it is a big problem/issue/truth, how can we push it under the rug? We can’t! We are only fooling ourselves and others! If we don’t deal with the elephant, it will continue to take up space in our minds, our lives, and our homes.
We will remain uncomfortable because there is no comfort when the elephant is blocking our view and our reasoning! It’s too big to evaporate through osmosis! Why do we refuse to acknowledge the elephant’s presence? There are many reasons. Denial is a predominant one! It may take some effort and time, but we can remove the elephant from our view; from our space. Whether it is a relationship problem or any salient life issue, do know that it will not fade away in the sunset. We have to address it; remove it. Until that is done, there will not be peace or comfort in our lives!
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