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PostHeaderIcon ARE YOU STUCK … ON YOU?

By Vernalee
Are narcissistic people flowing around in your universe? You know who I’m talking about. I am sure that you know several. I do!
They are those folks who are totally self–absorbed and tend to see themselves as perfect. They are never wrong so apologies are not in their vocabularies. Why apologize when you are always right? Arrogance, extreme selfishness, conceited behavior, boastfulness, and pretentiousness regularly enter their space. Their behavior is often characterized as being grandiose, larger than life, flamboyant, and extravagant. Lest not forget that they are highly egotistical folks with an exaggerated sense of self-importance. Exploitation of others is common.
You probably need no help to identify them, but here are some of the basic
Characteristics of narcissistic folks:
They –

* Believe that they are better than others.
* Fantasize about power, success or attractiveness.
* Exaggerate achievements or talents.
* Expect constant praise and admiration.
* Believe that they are special and acts accordingly.
* Fail to recognize other people’s emotions and feelings.
* Expect others to automatically go along with their ideas and plans.
* Take advantage of others.
* Express disdain for those that they feel are inferior to them.
* Are jealous of others.
* Believe that others are jealous of them.
* Have trouble maintaining healthy relationships – personal and professional.
* Set unrealistic goals.
* Are easily hurt and easily feel rejected.
* Have fragile self-esteem.
* Have the appearance of being toughminded or unemotional.
* Are so in love with themselves that they cannot truly love anyone else.
Alright, before you start your list of those that you know who fit the mold, let me share with you the interesting story of Narcissus.
According to Greek mythology, Narcissus was a beautiful, proud young man. When he saw his reflection in a pool of water for the first time, he became so enamored that he was unable to stop gazing at his own image. He couldn’t take his eyes off of himself. Sounds familiar?
Stuck on himself, Narcissus was unable to leave his image at the water’s edge and eventually wasted away. It’s too bad that his self-absorption turned him into the Narcissus flower.
Oh my! Here’s my parting poetic thought. “If you are stuck on yourself, remove the glue. The world doesn’t revolve around you!
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