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PostHeaderIcon Can you tell the difference between – real and fake?

By Vernalee

Which Birken bag is a “knock off?”
These furs look amazing! Which is real or faux?
Purses and furs are one thing. What about the genuineness and realness of people? Time and actions will tell! You may have thought that a person was really your friend … when in fact their personality was so synthetic! What an imposter! Oh my!
In trying to discern all of this, I stumbled upon an important fact. Although there may be strength in numbers, nothing beats a “real” friend. Having one real friend is better than ten fake ones! True that!
Real or fake – sometimes, it’s hard to tell the difference. Our eyes can even play tricks on us. Sooner or later, the truth reveals its head. If we find a real friend, we have a precious resource; a valuable find! Hold on to him or her. They are rare – and don’t come around often! Believe me – “Ain’t nothing like the real thing baby!”
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PostHeaderIcon “Make it … so you will not have to fake it!”

By Vernalee
How many faked people can you instantly recall? Remember, those are the ones who act like they are someone that they are not. Stop the madness. I am running out of space with my list! Frankly, I give credit to those who can pull it out! One must be charismatically savvy to accomplish high levels of fakeness where you cannot tell the difference. If you look the part and act the role, most people may not find you out! Embellishments are an understatement for those who fit the category of the great pretenders. Allow me to “Vernalize” a statement that may be motivating for the imposters! Here goes, “If you work hard at becoming what you are faking to be, your real self will eventually take shape. Then, you will become the person that you once faked. So, get busy being what you seek to be. It is so much more gratifying! Make it so you will not have to fake it!”

PostHeaderIcon Did you really do all that you could?

by Vernalee
Do you really help people from your heart by committing total assistance and resources or do you give a token gift or nothing at all? With a token gift, you can pat yourself on the back and say that you helped a person in need. But did you do what you could? Most folks dress up their “giving” answer, because who wants to look bad! Regardless of one’s camouflage, God knows the real answer! God saw what you had, what you gave, what you kept, and what you could have given!
In 1 John 3:17, we find this scriptural admonition.
“If anyone has enough money to live well and sees a brother or sister in need but shows no compassion on them… How can God’s love be in that person?”
Be true to thine self! You can be disillusioned.
You can fool folks; but you can’t fool God!
Happy Sunday! God bless!
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