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By Vernalee
What happens once the honeymoon is over; once you find out that he is not perfect? What happens when you hit bumps in the road?
You can leave or stay.
By golly, if it is the right person, you want to stay and work things out!
But how?
Let’s face it!
Relationships are hard; they are challenging. Despite it all, nothing beats cozy companionship and knowing that someone who cares about you is in your corner.
I have frequently said to my significant other, “Talking to you doesn’t make the problem go away, but it’s comforting when you listen; when you hold my hand. It lightens my load; for the moment at least.”
With that being said, nothing beats two way communications.
So, if you want to keep the home fire burning with your love Jones,
I’ll tell you a million dollar secret.
In fact, let’s Vernalize this phrase.
Relationships work when we work on them!
So if you are up for a challenge, let’s take a relationship dive so that when we come up for air, we are smelling tantalizing fragrances of sweet roses and all that comes with it.
Here we go.
Are you ready for the Countdown.
Ready, Set, Go!
Day 1-30:
1. Cuddle up to watch a movie.
2. Go for a late night walk and watch the sunset together.
3. Make your partner’s favorite meal and crack open some wine.
4. Leave your partner a cute little post it note telling them how much you love them.
5. Sign up for a class together; dancing, poetry, anything!
6. Treat your other half to a relaxing massage.
7. Take a sensual bath/shower together.
8. Surprise your partner with breakfast in bed.
9. Go and see the movie your love has been waiting to see.
10. Take a look through some old photos you took when you started dating.
11. Arrange a romantic picnic with some amazing scenery and views.
12. Go for a morning run together.
13. Book a weekend mini break.
14. Have a technology free day & just talk.
15. Put on some music and slow dance together.
16. Write down 3 things that you love about your partner & hide them around the house. It’s treasure hunt time.
17. Make passionate love.
18. Go on a date to a fancy restaurant.
19. Get a little hands on and kiss passionately.
20. Do something spontaneously for your partner.
21. Buy some sexy lingerie and model it.
22. Bake a cake together.
23. Go for a drive & head to your favorite spot.
24. Stay up late talking & laughing.
25. Complete a puzzle together.
26. Go on a double date.
27. Dress up, head out, and go dancing.
28. Go to see a show or concert together.
29. Indulge in some serious PDA.
30. Leave your partner a sexy voicemail.
I can’t wait to see what happens!
Let’s come back next month on day 31, compare notes, and see how we did!
Splish, splash!
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